LOCAL NEWS: After Latin School sophomore Nate Bronstein takes his own life, social media star Tristan Jass launches push to stop bullying in his honor

May 10th, 2022

A screenshot from a CBS news broadcast

At the age of just 15, Nate Bronstein took his own life – after his parents say other students cyberbullied him relentlessly at one of Chicago’s top private schools.

As CBS 2’s Marissa Perlman reported Tuesday night, a social media star heard Nate’s story – and is now launching a campaign to put a stop to bullying in his honor.

The CBS 2 Investigators first told you the Latin School of Chicago did not investigate the bullying, or tell Nate’s parents – despite being required by law and school policy to do so.

Now, Nate’s family say they’re working to make sure what happened to their son at the Latin School won’t happen again – and they’re teaming up with social media star Tristan Jass to do just that.

Read the full article on the CBS News website.

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