A photo of Rose Bronstein with son, Nate

Rose Bronstein

Rose Bronstein is a founding board member of Buckets Over Bullying, a nonprofit organization created after her 15-year-old son died by suicide. Her mission is to honor her son’s legacy by standing against cyberbullying and preventing other families from suffering the pain of such tragedies. She lives in Chicago with her family.

A photo of Rob Bronstein with son, Nate

Rob Bronstein

Robert (Rob) Bronstein is a founding board member of Buckets Over Bullying, a nonprofit organization created after his 15-year-old son died by suicide. Robert founded and runs The Scion Group, a commercial development and housing company. Serving nearly 83,000 college and university students across the United States, The Scion Group is the world’s largest owner of off-campus student housing. Rob lives in Chicago with his family.

A photo of Tristan Jass holding a basketball

Tristan Jass

Tristan Jass is a social media sensation and Buckets Over Bullying founding board member who kickstarted his career after posting a video crossing over his high school teacher in a friendly game of basketball. Tristan capitalized on his spotlight by pioneering the “Crazy Layup.” His unique style of play and insane trick shots have led to more than five million social media followers tuning in to watch and listen to him on social media.

A photo of jesse white

Jesse White

Jesse White, a board member of Buckets Over Bullying, has served as the 37th Secretary of State in Illinois since 1999 and is the founder of the internationally known Jesse White Tumbling Team. As Illinois’ longest-serving Secretary of State, he has been an advocate for traffic safety and has made great strides in improving customer service. White, a talented basketball and baseball player, was inducted into the Alabama State University Sports Hall of Fame. He resides in Chicago and has three adult children and two grandchildren.

A photo of Tony McCoy

Tony McCoy

Tony McCoy, a Buckets Over Bullying board member, is the founder and CEO of the Sportsfactory Foundation, a non-profit creating opportunities for inner city youth and adults to engage in sports and fitness activities. A product of Chicago’s southside, Tony has dedicated nearly three decades of his life to public service, including as the Regional Athletic Director/Athletic Program Administrator with Chicago Public Schools and managing Chicago Park District. Tony has worked closely with Chicago and sports legend Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand to support youth and adult sports and fitness programs in Chicago. As a father who lost a child to senseless violence, he also has dedicated himself helping kids grow up in a safe environment.

A photo of Pauly Urdan

Pauly Urdan

Pauly Urdan, a Buckets Over Bullying founding board member, is an entrepreneur, business development consultant and the founder and CEO of Chicago-based Design Concepts LLC, an established marketing and promotion firm he started 35 years ago. Pauly is active in a variety of community-based endeavors supporting others in Chicago and beyond. He says proudly, “I love to do everything and anything I can to help the people around me, make change and connect people together.”