Concerned how social media is impacting student development & school behavior?

Get social media safety training at your school today!

The Organization for Social Media Safety, a Buckets Over Bullying partner, can help keep your children, school and community safer on social media. Learn more about how to get student, parent, and school administrator training sessions in your community:

Contact: Email, call (855) 446-3767 or visit their website.

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts or mental health matters, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 (or 800-273-8255) to connect with a trained counselor or visit the NSPL website.


Rogers Park Montessori School

“In preparing parents to support their children in using social media, educators need support. The reality is that so few of us had access to the types of communication tools we give so freely to our children. OFSMS provides a scaffold and resources, in addition to a safe space to ask questions and share concerns, for parents. Through personal experience and research based strategies, OFSMS provided the RPMS community a giant leap towards social media safety for our children.”

Ben Blair, Principal
Rogers Park Middle School

Alexander Graham School

“We were lucky enough to have the OFSMS cyber safety curriculum presentation at our school to our 5th through 8th grade students and our parents. A program like this that was needed for the social media issues that were happening with our students outside of school,  but affected us in our school.  We received excellent feedback from our parents and many mentioned that they felt more confident monitoring the social media at home. Our students also had some major takeaways, especially our 5th grader! Our teacher feedback was very positive as well and they will continue the conversations in their homerooms.”

 Sarah McNamara, Assistant Principal
Alexander Graham School

St. Helen School

“We appreciate the generosity extended to us at St. Helen School by Mr. and Mrs. Bronstein and Mr. Piesner.  They spoke to our parents and 6th through 8th-grade students regarding pertinent social media safety and shared their heartwarming personal stories. The sessions were packed with various topics that informed our school community on how to handle and prevent serious issues confronting us regarding the misuse of social media.  As one parent described the presentation as sobering, relevant, and unbelievably important to hear. Our day ended with a brief presentation by Jesse White and an exciting Jesse White Tumblers performance! Thank you for an exciting day and for bringing “Buckets Over Bullying” to our school!”

Dr. Shirley Morris, Interim Principal
St. Helen School

Roycemore School

“My school, Roycemore School,  was fortunate enough to have the Organization for Social Media Safety, visit and present imperative information about social  media and how it is negatively impacting teens & young adults mental health. The Social Media Safety presentation was informative and eye-opening, about an issue present among the student body, social media. Mr. Ed Peisner did an amazing job keeping the students engaged and adjusting his presentation based on the age of the students. In all divisions, he presented through the interactive experience of a clicker for students to share their voice and be heard. The anonymous aspect created a safe space for students to share their experiences and not feel judged. The curriculum itself was more informative than most social media talks in previous schools I have attended. In addition to the informative aspect of this talk, it was empathic in a way I haven’t seen before. Ed being open to sharing his story, resonated with myself and the student body in an incredibly empathic way. Hearing his story made the student body want to engage in this talk more because it had a strong meaning and drive behind it. “

Alex Murphy, Student Organizer
Roycemore School

Roycemore School

“Roycemore School is happy to have worked with Buckets Over Bullying and The Organization for Social Media Safety to provide important information to students, faculty, and parents of our community about online safety. With the information that was presented by Ed and Rose, we believe our students have gained a greater understanding of potential dangers online, how to protect themselves, and take care of their mental health. Thank you to Ed and Rose for providing us with compelling, engaging, and up-to-date information about these topics. Each of them shared their own stories about how they got into this work which was impactful for all those who were able to listen to them. We thank them for their strength and passion in pursuing this important work. We hope to have them back again in the future as we continue to provide curriculum for our students to keep them safe online.”

Morgan Graff, Director of Marketing & Communications
Roycemore School